Journaling 101 

At first glance, journaling can seem like something that is a waste of time. With a hectic life, who has time to sit somewhere cozy and write their most inner thoughts down?

But journaling has many benefits that can include reducing stress, coming up with new ideas, working through past issues, and even helping you reach your goals.

A Simple Journaling How To Guide

Here are some quick tips to help you get started...

Get Your Paper and Pen Ready

There are no special materials needed to keep a journal. Really all you need is a pen and paper which eliminates any excuse you could come up with around not having the right tools to get started.

Write First Thing Every Morning.

Writing in your journal first thing every morning is a sure way to beat procrastination.

By doing it in the morning, it will help you be able to write more effectively by having a clear mind that hasn't been cluttered by a day of activity.

Since you just need  ten to fifteen minutes, it can be an easy habit to integrate into your daily routine.

Write At Night

If you are more of a night owl then try writing at night before you sleep. This is an effective method if you are using a gratitude journal.

Make A Daily Entry

Create a habit of writing into your journal daily. 

Keep It Simple

Don't be concerned about writing like an expert, style or substance. Just focus on writing and developing a habit of writing .

Your first few days could be just dumping out everything that is in your brain. It helps free up of the mind so that new thoughts ( or a new perspective) and ideas can come through.

Start Today

No matter what project we start, it can always be easier to say I will start tomorrow. 

Creating a let's do it today mentality ( no matter how small the first step is) towards goals is much better than putting it off till tomorrow. 

Write about what happened today, feelings that came up or an idea of a goal you would like to explore.

Try Different Journals

There are so many different kinds of journals you can use, here are just a few...

  • Bullet Journals
  • Gratitude Journals
  • Vision Board Journal

By developing a habit of journaling, it will help remind you where you were, where you are and where you want to be and when you look at it, you will see how far you come in your personal journey to create a life you love!